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The Void

I looked into the void and saw nothing.  I looked into the void and saw everything.  I saw despair and emptiness.  I saw anger with no feeling.  I saw the end of the world and everything it contained.  I looked into the void and saw a great beast full of fury.

The beast looked at me.  The beast saw into me and through me.  The beast looked into me and saw nothing.  The beast saw despair and an anger greater than his own.  The beast saw the lack of feeling.  The beast knew of my disconnection from the world.

I looked into the void and saw myself.  I looked and felt nothing.  In the void, I saw the futility of it all.  In the void, I realized that the world is everything and nothing.  When I walked away, I looked from the void.  In my place, the void spread to the world.

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