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Ectoplasm Label


In the spirit of the impending season (and other reasons), I have created a label for all the apothecary bottles I know folks have laying around. Order yours!

Photo a Day: 2020/06/23

Ah, the heart of the Kul Tiran empire, Tiragarde Sound. The city is so large and dense (and beautiful), I had no issues dumping Stormwind for it.

Photo a Day: 2020/06/22

Ever since I discovered it, Drustvar instantly became my favorite zone in all of WoW. The overall spooky landscape and ominous music hides one of the best views of the aurora in the game.

Photo a Day: 2020/06/19

I really like the skybox in this zone. Combined with the lush farmland and majestic snow-capped peaks and Stormsong Valley is easily one of my favorite zones in the game.

Photo a Day: 2020/06/18

I got the itch and found myself back in WoW. I forgot how stunning the scenery is in BfA.

Photo a Day: 2020/06/09

This is the last (I can't promise this) in the series of photos I took at the Ultraviolet Villa. This was down in the basement.