Another return

Original date: 2-16-2006

I'm finally back in this oh so lovely state after a month of exile. Not really exile as much as stranded by my truck which, like all of my other vehicles, refuses to run properly. I think it's time to accept the fact that I will never have a cooperative car. The drive back was a dull three hour sort of endurance test. The suspension in the rear is broken and sits on the frame so it's technically a death trap but we're still holding hope for the money to fix it. Another week or so and then I can strap those boosters into the back. I came "home" to a delightful stack of mail and a very messy house. Sensing my sister's pain at Ryan being gone, I took to helping her out and surprising her with a very lovely clean home and a made bed. It exhausted me and my stomach was rumbling so pizza was in order. Typical, but quick and soon my gluttonous urges were filled. I spent the evening in hysterical laughter as I caught up with those I had long held grudges with. I learned it doesn't pay to stay angry at someone for so long. Honestly, you forget why they were important to you in the first place. I hope to never make that mistake again. It was the first in a while I've stayed awake past two and it was an invigorating experience. Strangely, when I got home, I couldn't sleep. I spent hours in front of the TV wondering what else I could do with my time, but it was so late and soon I was fast asleep. This morning I found myself in that rush that I had long forgotten, I swear this place is terrible for that, but all is moving along. I was surprised with an astounding offer to go shopping for computer parts this weekend, up to $2000, so that has put me in quite the good mood. Updated quite a bit, we should all be happy now, take care lovelies.