Billy Bo Jenkins

Original date: 11-1-2005

Staring in the mirror was a face Billy Bo Jenkins didn't recognize. It was buck toothed with a lazy eye and a tuft of red hair on top of an otherwise oily head. The lined face showed the stress and age of an old man, but this couldn't be...he was just a nine year old girl. Sure her mom was inbred, but they all said she'd dodged the bullet. She had all fifteen teeth and a third buttock just like a normal girl. Why old Jimmy had been after her since the day he laid those misshapen eyes on her.But none of that mattered now, she was a he. His uncle was really his mother and a terrible dresser at that. No one ever said puberty would be like this. What would he do for the ho down later this week? Even Jimmy wouldn't take him like this...(this is called dramatic build up)...what would Papa say? be continued