The church

Original date: 5-19-2005

The boy knew it wouldn’t make a difference. A date with the grave was all he had left. He was mistaken in thinking that hope could be his. Life only got worse. Sure, they would say he was weak and gave in, but then was no different from now. Everything was falling to ruins, thought the boy. He had thought about going somewhere new, to some place where they didn’t know his name. But he lacked the resources to do any such thing. And after what was done tonight, he would have no place to go but the grave.

 The boy was quiet as always, he never wanted to let his plans get away from him. That night they were invited to the cathedral on the hill. It was a quiet, still night, the moon was full and lit the earth below with an eerie glow. It was the kind of night where you could see monsters appear out of the shadows. There was a slight breeze, one that kept the air stirred. Nothing was stale here; there was no chance for it to be, though everyone moved in routine and slow sluggish movements. The church was all lit up on that lonely hill, the light from the candles inside spilled out onto the small graveyard on the corner.

 They filed into that deathly cold church, the girl had no idea what was going on. Far as she could tell, everyone in town had been invited. The church had been built hundreds of years ago, it was constructed to hold thousands. Their spots were in the old oak pews that adorned the center of that old stone cathedral. Everyone moved in at the same rate. Strangely her place wasn’t among the masses, she was to sit where the bishops would, off to the left of the podium. The girl thought it was only right that she have a place of honor. After all, the girl was the only one who would make it out of this pathetic town.

 Only an hour after the cards had told to meet, the township was settled in that worn sacred building.The candles flickered and danced across the audience, giving an otherwordly glow to all. Quiet as always, the boy walked to that podium in the front. All were shocked to see him, why would he have any place in the front? The boy always stuck to the back, where he belonged. Looking out to them, the boy gave his best grin. With a small gesture, he dropped a ominous velvet curtain. The audience looked to the front seeing only a handful of words.“No place for redemption. No place for resurrection.”

The candles tipped and the oil spilled, the crowd burst into flames. Arms spread wide, the boy looked on in glee. The girl screamed and she saw the horror before her. Everyone was ablaze and barred in. The massive oak doors that once seemed beautiful were now the things of nightmares. She couldn't believe the boy was capable of such a thing. He was too slow, too caring to want to hurt another life. Vengeance seemed beyond him. There was so much violence and pain here.

The boy had to ask himself if this was what he really wanted. Now wasn't the time to think of such things. After all, there was no place for redemption. They were dead or dying, the old church was in flames. The boy and the girl, they wouldn't be together, it simply wasn't meant to be.  By morning, nothing of that old church stood. Burnt skeletons littered the still smoking ashes. It was a cold gray morning that left so much to be desired. Nothing could bring them back though. Now nothing made sense, and all doubted it would for a long time.