Original date: 4-6-2005

Once again, very much as always sweethearts, I am at a loss for words. What do i say that will keep you oh so happy and entertained? First off, two very dear friends of mine were in a serious car accident. Thank you all for the support you've shown. It is truly appreciated. Haha, City of Heroes is back up thanks to my dear old droogie Ry. Maybe up for a bit of the patchywatch? Who knows what will happen? Uncertain the future is. I picked up my new bass the other day, lovelies, it is a thing of beauty. Tired and overworked, you hear me going boohoohoo. But there has been a clamoring and demand for the site to be updated. So updated it shall be. First first, the band is a flop. So if anyone out there needs a bassist or guitarist, I'm more than willing. We're just looking for something new darlings. The weather is turning something amazing, windows are open and light is flowing in. My lil sis and Ryan are to be wed in August. Right after Danny and Missy are to be wed. What's with all the weddings? Feeling very left out, I am. Well, I'm out of spaces, so do take care lovelies.