Original date: 1-19-2006

Something new, something new...Life falls apart and your left smelling like snuffed cigarettes. I'm killing myself with jobs and attempting to get my truck in reasonably working order but I've forgotten what poor shape I left it in. We'll really test it this weekend, maybe I'll end up blowing up another vehicle. I'm left falling to a plague that I can only accept as a guilty pleasure. Everything is changing and the only thing that I find constant is my love. Well, for my gf and Dante. The adorable bearded dragon that has mysteriously captured my heart. He'll never say it, but I know the three armed bandit loves me too. Going about on his adventures through the house. Taking leaps of faith and eating renegade crickets. He lives up to the classic poet's name in every regard. Time for a shave as Grizzly Adams won't work, something about the bears being too intimidated to wrestle with me. So again I slip into the smooth face of my once rugged countenance. That and with people saying I resemble Lucifer, a vampire, and the undead maybe it's a good idea for social status that I not look so devastatingly handsome anymore. The only thing that can guide me now is my trusty Boba Fett watch.