Energetic Love

Original date: 4-27-2005

I'm so bored but very full of love. Maybe some fresh air is what we need. The demands for updates grow, so many thanks again to those that frequent my modest site. We need a band, it's all going to waste. So much talent, sitting on it's rear. Hmmm, we're shooting a video now, so I guess that expands 13's capabilities. Now my sister will have the greatest senior video in the world! When it's finished, we'll be sure to have it on the site for your viewing pleasure. Suddenly! There's a new desire for work on the site! How much more can I put on here?!? Lots more they say. Lots more. Finally the wallpapers are up, very sorry for the delay on those. Keep trying to make this format easier to navigate, mail me if you have any suggestions. Be sure to check out the art section, there have been a few additions and a new setup. Really not to much left to say. Take care lovelies.