Gah, morning

Original date: 3-1-2006

Seven am is not a holy hour. Life moves along at a crawl and everything is cold and bleak. The morning screams at you with an icy voice. To stay protected under your blankets is instinct, but your tired mind reminds you that there is much work to be done today. An early start some would call this, others a late one, I hope not to do again. It's not that I'm particularly lazy, if I wake up later than nine I'm quite agitated as well. Maybe because it's winter and I'm not too motivated during the early hours. I'm not a morning person at all, everyone knows this. I'm a grouchy pain in the ass until I've eaten and showered. Just like you wouldn't poke a bear, don't mess with me in the morning. After the food and cleaning I'll be right as rain though. All I ask is that my basic desires be met before you harass me. Because of my reluctance to greet the world I usually find myself rushed in these wee hours. Trying to find a solution to this but nothing has worked yet. I have the innate power to roll over and fall asleep immediately. I digress, today's start wasn't one I'd like to repeat. Six came far too quickly after having stayed up until one playing Soul Calibur. I rolled over after turning the alarm off and was promptly off to sleep again. 6:50 came and I began counting the minutes until I would have to drag myself out of bed. Well, drag isn't a proper verb here. My bed is easily three and a half feet off the ground. I rest on two precariously balanced mattresses. You have to line everything up before you gingerly place your feet on the ground. But those feet won't hit a semi warm carpet, no I have hardwood. Scuffed, hard, and creaky hardwood with a throw blanket covering most of the scars. My computer hums softly but offers no sympathy for me. I really need to get one of those hot chocolate machines that you see in gas stations. If I could roll over to press a button and receive that sweet nectar I guarantee my days would start far better. Nothing makes a sound during this hour, animals are asleep and most of the world slumbers on, except for you and your creaking floorboards. Breakfast found me with some cereal which was unusually spicy. I have a weak palette when it comes to food of this nature but none of the ingredients had changed, therefore, I could only reason that I'm becoming more sensitive and that's no fun. A quick shower that revitalized me and soon I was out the door. I never thought I would get this much out of a morning but it seems my intelligence and way with words is returning. I lie, I make more and more typos as the day goes by.