The girl

Original date: 5-11-2005

She wasn't as silly as people would like to believe. In her world she was revered and the boy was mocked. She did him a service and honor by holding his hand on those lonesome nights. It's not like she didn't enjoy the boy, he was just an excuse to kill time. Friends are first, she always believed, boys just stay as play things. Sure, they'd had fun together, but it was no big thing to her, it never was. She was out in the warm night air, a soothing breeze gently blowing her perfect hair. The carnival was in town, so the girls abandoned their nightly rituals for the more macabre and uncommon fun. Filled with harlequins and prizes to be won, the carnival boasted its impressive light display, sure to draw in any passer-by. She wished it could never end, the crazed nights and cloudy mornings. She had everything a girl could want, she never went without. Looking skyward, she could count the stars, a very uncommon thing to her. Such things went by beneath her, the task of pleasuring herself far more important. Though she would find herself sometimes wondering about the boy. Her disposal of him hadn't been as pleasant as she would have liked. But it was for the best, in a way, she was looking out for his best interest. It wasn't right, that was in the past. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what happened to the boy...