My car literally blew up last night.

Original date: 1-12-2006

Oh irony, what would I do without you? After waiting a gruesome two weeks for the proper parts (callipers and brake pads) on my car to come in, Stephen and I finally repaired it at 7pm last night. I decided to let him drive so he could determine if in fact our troubles were finally over. They were far from it. I followed him in my grandmother's car wanting nothing more than to be back home in my bed. The day had been beautiful and my good mood was growing by the minute as my car appeared to be finally fixed. Five miles out of town my heart sank as I saw the car backfire and sparks, then flames began to shoot from the tail end. I flashed the lights and honked the horn in a desperate attempt to get Stephen to pull over. In 30 seconds he was out of the car and running back to mine. I threw it in reverse as he called 911. Then we sat an agonizing 20 minutes waiting for the fire department to arrive and in the meantime watching his tools and my car turn into a raging inferno. There were two small pops as the tires blew out and then a boom and burst of flames as the gas tank finally exploded. The fire crept into the interior as the fire department finally arrived. Breaking out my windows they flooded my car with a mighty torrent of water. In 10 minutes everything was over and I was stunned. Luckily the callipers we had just put on had survived intact and I will be returning them tomorrow for a refund. The only other item to survive without noticeable damage was my Bible. It's funny how that works, no? As the tow truck was lifting the wreck that was my car, I received a message from my girlfriend saying how much fun she was having in Las Vegas and wishing that I could be with her. I guess that's how some things play out though.Speaking of my very lovely girlfriend, today is her birthday and it is killing me that I can't be with her. So here are my birthday wishes to you sweetheart. I love you and I hope your days are far better than mine.