No words of wisdom.

Original date: 8-10-2005

I don't know why I'm doing this, no one reads this garbage anyways. Regardless, I received a letter from a rather warm and lovely individual who wanted to see this updated. So now I sit here, dog on the love seat, thinking desperately of what on earth I could write. I've learned of a story recently, one of such a warm and familiar topic it is a small delight to write about, love and death. There is a certain angel, an archangel even, who was given a large responsibility. Given command over a third of the angels, he would be a great leader in the times of revelation. Before hand, he is said to be the angel of divine judgement and vengeance. He is the fourth archangel, known as Uriel. Held in the same company as Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, he was one of the Lord God's mightiest soldiers. As it would seem, after spending so much time with humans and coming to their aid as a divine protector, he longed to feel love the way mortals could. God could see the longing in Uriel's heart, the desire to feel love. So he released Uriel from his duties, for one lifetime. He would live 76 years, and in that time he would find his true love and have his request granted. Uriel would be born and forget who he was and what his purpose was to be. Growing up, he was always told how different he was, and how he would one day change the world. But so he grew, a normal boy.One fateful evening, he was introduced to his life's love. Bizarre were the circumstances that brought them together. They felt destined to be together, they knew it was to be so. Uriel had always suspected something to be amiss about his person. There were odd little things that he felt and saw. Just enough to know that he was different. His love knew how these questions burned through his being and found the answers to questions unasked. Uriel would fall in love and die happy, but when he returned home, he could not spend eternity with his love. He would return to his duties and dismiss much of his human life. It didn't seem fair though, to suffer through so much, only to have it taken away in paradise. He would find a way to stay with his family and wife. The answer lie in his death. He would have to relinquish his title and die as a human. He could never again serve his Lord the way he once did. But he gave it all up for love, he would go on to die for his betrothed. Not the words of wisdom I know you were looking for, but I'm not a wise man, I'm not even that bright. Enjoy yourself and continue for what it's worth.