Reach out

Original date: 1-25-2006

Something something is what we need. It's cold and I need a bathroom, this place is boring as ever. It snowed one Hell of a blizzard and somehow I managed to drive through it after only going off the road twice. I miss the days of my youth though they were only two years ago. Reckless abandon with not a care in the world. The bizarre expressions in Chicago, the city that I love, the warm summer days blessing my checks with their cool breeze. I miss that sense of self so much, there were so many fun days ahead of me. But remember kids, one failing grade can end it all and leave you with a mountain of debt without a degree. This seems like an ode to Peter Pan, but I ask myself why do we make life harder than it should be? We're here for only so long, why don't we enjoy it and make it better for others. Instead we develop bleeding ulcers about trivial matters that will be forgotten within a year. That is why I've made such a spectacle. If you're going to do something, be remembered for it. Lead the life that will inspire others when they read of your exploits. Have stories for your children and subsequently grandchildren. Think about it, what is the point in living this life if there is such a bleak outlook to it? Why not make it better and live it the way you want to? Responsibility you say. Why did you get that responsibility? Is it because that was the mature and grown up thing to do? Was it the same way when you got that job you hate? Stand up today and shout about it. Take control and make this life your own. And when you fall to your pillow tonight, will you be remembered for what you accomplished today?