Rugged beards.

Original date: 12-2-2005

Well, it's official. With the start of my Grizzly Adams beard, I have started my training for bear wrastling. Come this spring I will take on any and all bears that challenge me. Not really, it'll just be the one 900lb brown bear. Nevertheless, it will be a daunting task that I can only perform in the ceremonial Lumberjack garb of my ancestors. Come to think of it, there were no lumberjacks in my family, but I can always be the first and start a new tradition. As more details and free time come to me, I will keep you up to date on this event of monstrous proportions. It's snowing again and I'm getting a cold. Sneezing into my very rugged beard is starting to get old. So I think it's time that we all cozy up with someone we love or possibly the hobo down the street and enjoy fuzzy sweaters and some hot chocolate. Or you could just turn up the heat in your home and curl up with a body pillow. But be warned, once I can teach my raccoon how to pilfer, nothing will be safe. No worries though, it'll just be stuff like waffles and umbrellas. I'm way off topic here, back to, yes winter sucks for a variety of reasons: dry skin, runny noses, empty stomachs, dry eyes (oh how they burn!), and icy sidewalks. But oh how the frozen Reese's makes up for all of it. Take care lovelys.