Original date: 11-14-2005

Well, Billy Bo never made it to that square dance. On the way there she/he was picked up by some trucker that went by the handle of "Russell", poor thing was never heard from again. The town didn't think much of it, they were going to lynch the abomination next Tuesday after their Heaven's Gate meeting. Some things in this world just weren't right. I mean birthing a child with and arm growing out of its forehead is one thing, but changing sexes in one night? Not in their county.So I'm finally 21 and I'm not seeing what the commotion is all about. Just another year tacked on to something phenomenal but we're not sure why yet. But there is something about having a restaurant full of people singing to you that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Like in the darkest of hearts there is a desire to be the center of attention, even if it's only 23 seconds long. Nothing really grand, but enough. I just wish they hadn't surprised me as I was coming out of the rest room.