Something spooky

Original date: 1-16-2006

Well a delightful Monday afternoon to all. This eve finds me in a delightfully nostalgic mood. Now I must find somewhere to go to celebrate this rare occasion. This weekend passed by with hardly any notice, ending up with me sitting around on my lazy bum. I have noticed though that the sky has been filled with amazing vanilla skies and dusks of lavaendar. The night is especially pleasing as well seeing how it is perfectly clear with a full orange moon. A few clouds hang overhead with a hazy backlight giving everything a dreamy feel. I would let myself slip in and out of consciousness to amplify the effect thus making it feel as though I was losing myself and not knowing where I was. Very surreal, I strongly suggest everyone give it a try. Somewhere spooky, that is where we shall go. But where still remains the larger question. There isn't much short of haunted cemetaries and Chicago. If only he was 21, we could visit the pool hall, there's usually all kinds of fun there. Slithering through the London fog he watched that fair maiden make her rounds in the dress she always wore. She pleased the local sod with her Heavenly smile and charm, but tonight she would know unearthly delights and pleasure. Taking her time from shop to shop she finally made her way home at the stroke of nine. Walking down the old cobblestone streets she felt her heart breaking and falling for reasons known only to her. The eve was silent and the stars shown brightly through the dense fog. Sneaking out of the shadows he wrapped around her and held her tight at the throat. A crimson smile and a breath of ecstasy was all she wore as she gazed lovingly into his eyes. Her dear lover had finally come back for her. Wearing that suit he always wore, the folds of their delicate clothing came together and enveloped them. She hid in his coat and listened to his faint heartbeat. Safe at last she would never leave him again. Together they slipped back into that fog and eternity.