Temporary wounds.

Original date: 6-15-2005

crazed lustful desires and a revenge filled hatred for those that scorn you. It's going to go down and the care won't stay. Her eyes will be filled with sorrow as the shades are pulled shut. A sheet lowered to the floor and the bodies fade. She lost herself to the lies that it would all be OK. A girl in a snow white dress. Keeping his dying wish in mind, she took the book and ran. Her pain was all that mattered when the sky closed in and opened with its lightning filled storm. If she fell, there would be no one to pick her up, no one to hold her heart. She was wrapped in his coat, filled with the flowers of a quick death. White roses that littered the street, black taxis that went by all too quick. Gazing to the heavens, she could only see the skyscrapers that tore them apart. For this last night, she wanted to lie with him once more. Now that we're done with that, check out the art section that has been updated. Revenge is the best of the bunch i think, but who knows. Without a doubt, this site is improving. Just keep coming and tell everyone that you know about it lovelies.

I'm gonna face plant it
see how long it takes me to black out
the mermaids will come
take another sailor's life
oh noa 30's incognito
don't need a life raft
my body's swelling up
she said DIE!
Don't you know where you're heading?
Into the underworld of hell
troubled water only held a coffin
dropped boats and tired souls
but I'm too scared to go in the deep end
the high divers all make me scream
so I'll stay on the beach
and build you a castle or two
I'll be there for you
...waiting on the beach