This is where the magic happens

Original date: 5-1-2006

This is where the magic happens, this is where it all begins. This is where is started, this won't be where it ends. Like a dream that never fades, listen listen, it will happen. It won't die, for it is the phoenix and it's brought back to life each time. Alone no more, we live in the same light of hope. Colored an emerald green, the Angels will sing when they fall from the Heavens above. So who will follow? I'm left with an inspiration, a dream, a hope for the future. I'm an asshole and you're all coming with me. There will be much more, damned be they who say "nay." I lie down at night, each time further in my mind and the mornings consuming me with images long since passed. What follows is a morning in disbelief and I look for God's grace to get me through. The embers have burned and turned into something more, so that when I lay tonight I will fall once more into that euphoria of lights and moving pictures. The monsters are gone and have left a hole to be filled with these images. So who follows? Let it swallow you and the fever take hold cause this will be one hell of a trip sister. Spring is upon us and is quite fitting, children, as another sign of rebirth. The winter is behind and dying, decaying on the year's lap. So quickly take the banner, don't let it go unrecognized, and fall into this dream with me. The twilight will wrap us up as they drown in their lies and filth. It will be alright, despite what they say. Just watch the stars appear tonight and go to them. It's all real and you will see.