Transient thoughts

It seems that everyone is in a downward spiral of emotion and spirit. I can't listen to the radio anymore, everything is too depressing and I can't understand half of it anyways. Why can't we find that peace so desperately needed? When did we slide into this mode of mourning ourselves and sulking life away? Maybe the Mayans were right, maybe the world will end in 2012, that should end all this pointless nonsense. Depression can serve a pupose, it can bring out the best in us, showing our true selves. It can inspire great works of art. It can make your realize the value of life. We're children whom wish for the dark but are undeserving of the gifts it can bring. We've lost sight of the light which grants that serenity so desperately need. There's too many broken and empty hearts out there, in need of love and guidance. It's time we made something of our lives. It's time to leave a legacy for our future to remember us by. This is a rallying cry that should unite. Stand for something, stand for yourself, stand for a future that only you can shape.