Before this game came out, the last time I had heard of Ghostbusters was 15 years ago. Still, I felt an odd tinge of excitement as one of my childhood joys was coming back. Kim came home with this gem, and that night I was reintroduced to Egon, Venkmen, Stantz, and Winston.

When I started playing, I hadn't seen the movies in roughly 10 years, so there was plenty I was missing. The game is full of nods and winks to fans of the movies, from the dialogue to the various artifacts you find sprinkled throughout the game. This didn't stop me from enjoying the game immensely though. From the story to the game play and voice acting, everything is top notch and polished to a level rarely seen.

Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd took up the pen once more to finish their masterpiece trilogy. The entire original cast has reprised their roles to make the voice acting top notch. The story starts off simply, much like the movies. You play as the new ghostbuster whose job is testing the experimental equipment. Nothing stays quiet for long if you're a ghostbuster, and sure enough, everything starts to go haywire. From start to finish, the story is beautifully paced and there is rarely a dull moment. You'll move from familiar locations such as the New York Public Library and hotel Sedgewick to the New York underground and Central Park.

As you move through the game, you'll use the tools of the trade to investigate, track, and bust all the paranormal fiends. You'll use the PKE meter to look for clues and hidden ghosts. This is implemented seamlessly into the game and it's a good thing, as you'll spend 80% of the game looking through your Para-Goggles. It seems excessive, but it balances well with intense busting required. Once you find a ghost, it's time to break out the Proton Pack and bring them down. Once they're weakened, it's time to throw the trap. Start to finish, busting a ghost just feels right. The pull of the proton stream and the struggle of reeling them in, every encounter is different and just as satisfying. The controls are spot on and a large variety of ghosts keeps the game from getting stale.

To keep up with the ever changing ghosts, the proton pack comes in four different modes that can be upgraded with cash you earn. Cash is made by trapping ghosts, finding artifacts, and collecting clues. Each mode is effective against a specific type of ghost, and you'll find switching on the fly to be smooth and easy.

Once you've finished the main storyline, you're ready for the perils of multiplayer. It comes in six flavors from survival to busting as many ghosts as you can. You earn cash like in story mode for upgrades and special abilities. This is for those with an itchy trigger finger and a drive to win.

The only problem I would run into was that I would occasionally get lost. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it would stall the game until I found where it wanted me to go. The game is open only in that it will let you explore a tiny bit. If you can't follow the path it's laid out for you, then you're going to wander around for a bit.

Aside from that minor issue, Ghostbusters is an incredible game. The story, game play, and overall atmosphere serve as the perfect finale to the Ghostbusters trilogy.