Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the greatest entry in video game history.  It changed my life as it cemented gaming in the core of my being.  It was Final Fantasy VIII.

I first saw the trailer for FFVIII in a theater.  Never before then had I seen a video game advertised on the big screen.  It was breathtaking.  From the amazing graphics to the euphoric soundtrack, this was the best ad for a game I had ever seen.  I knew I had to get this game.  I began to collect everything I could regarding this gift from the heavens.  There was only one problem, I didn't own a Playstation.  That didn't stop me though, I was a 14 yr old boy with a dream.  When release day rolled around, I was at the store picking up my copy.  It was my very first PS game, I had the game before I had the console.  That required me brokering a deal with Grandma that involved me losing presents for both my birthday and Christmas.  To put this in perspective, I had FFVIII two months before I had a Playstation.  It was the first game to be spun on that wonderful machine and since has been my all time favorite game.


I won't break into a full review, not yet at least.  For 10 years, VIII has stayed at the top as my all time favorite game.  Despite the many incredible games (Fable, Kingdom Hearts, Rock Band, etc.) to come out since, none can compete with the grandeur and sense of awe I experienced with VIII.  With the release of FFVII on the Playstation Network, I can only hope that VIII will see a digital rerelease as well.  Long has it been my dream to have a portable version of this classic.  Here's hoping they finally get around to it.