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Happy Halloween


Gaming Addiction A great read.

Halo 3: ODST

I wouldn't consider myself a huge Halo fan. I wouldn't even consider myself a fan of first person shooters. From Goldeneye to Call of Duty, the genre holds very little appeal to me. Despite that, for reasons unknown to me, I enjoy the Halo game franchise. I had only played multiplayer in the first two as I never owned a Xbox. When I finally purchased my 360, I made sure to pick up the third entry. I originally bought Halo 3 for the multiplayer. I didn't give a damn about invading aliens and the end of the world. It was a played out story we all knew. What I wanted was competition. This was my first time playing against other players over Live. I had my ass handed to me, repeatedly. After a few days of abuse, I decided it was time to learn the fundamentals in story mode. Having never played story mode in the first two, I was surprised how easy it was to pick up. The simplicity of it was astounding, considering the amount of product that has come as a result of it. From th