It would seem that the feelings of a given person rely soley on the individual.  Factors such as upbringing, experience, and environment do not apply beyond determing the character of a person.  That is even to a lesser extent.  A person takes these things in a shapes them as they see fit.  It is with this understanding that the only person that could, or I dare say, should be blamed for any misgiving is the original transgressor.

It would seem that we as a collective fall into a lesser hive mind.  We react to stimuli like a herd of sheep.  A person is smart, people are slow, panicky, and disastrously stupid.  Oddly, through the actions and ideas of one, others may expand upon said original idea or action.  The evolution of technology is due only to individuals who realized that they could only rely on themselves.  Surely, a team followed, but it was a sole being that started the process.

It is surreal that we fall into this hive mind, that people cannot recognize natural leadership.  Blame cannot be placed upon the group so much as the individual for not stepping forward.  People instinctivly flock to a pillar, so to speak.  One that can be relied upon..  In theory, the individual may not desire the burden of leadership, they may only want the simplicity of being sheep.


Kim said…
Did you come up with that yourself? Curious as to what triggered this thought, of course there is truth in it.
ZeroAnd09 said…
Amazingly enough, this is original content. The thought hit me when I was working with that scam of a marketing company. I had a lot of down time, so I jotted it down.