New Moon

I'll admit, when I saw the first Twilight film, I wasn't going to give it a fair shake. I was surprised that it wasn't awful, it at least at decent cinematography.  I sat through mediocrity, much as I do with a majority of movies.  It wasn't anything special.  I went into New Moon the same way, I wasn't disappointed.

This was a horrible movie. The plot was inane drivel with souless acting all around. The only character I felt for was Jacob, as he was being friend zoned from the start. Bella is a selfish bitch who will do anything and use anyone to get back with her equally selfish "vampire" boyfriend. Jacob bends over backwards for this incredibly bland girl with nothing to offer and time after time is reminded that he won't be getting anything from her. When he leaves, she is distraught, but not because she truly loves him. No, it's because she doesn't have a bitch to take her mind off of Eddy. I would have given anything to have seen her die a horrific death. Even when Eddy and Bella get back together, Ed keeps conspiring to get rid of the person he "loves" the most, because he doesn't want the hassle.  The funny thing is, he hasn't gotten anything from her either.  The only reason he is attracted to her is because of her pungent smell.  That alone should tell you this relationship is super fucked up from the get go.  I fail to understand why two guys are fighting over such a person.

So when I see the fan reaction and the records it is breaking...I just don't get. Do all girls eat up garbage like this? I can only assume the books are better, as is usually the case. Still, you have to call a bad movie when you see it. The only positive is that there's only two movies left. In two years, the craze will die and we can move onto the next irritating thing. It'll probably be the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Or Snorks.


Sapper Woody said…
The books were better as a series, but this particular book was just as bad, if not worse than, the movie. Boring, no action, just following a girl who's following a psychopathic desire to come close to death in order to experience fleeting images of her obsession.