Fallout 3

I picked up Fallout 3 late into its lifespan. As in, it had been months since the last DLC (Mothership Zeta) was released. I had always wanted to play it, but was torn between my back log of games and waiting for a Game of the Year edition. When the lull in my catalogue finally came around and there was no GotY edition, I went ahead and bought the standard copy. I loved the first two and was very interested in Bethesda’s take on the classic series.

I was wary going into Fallout 3 because a week earlier I had purchased Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I returned it two days later. I wasn't a fan of the first person and overall bland experience. Seeing Fallout portrayed the same way, I was nervous. After a half hour of tooling around in game, I was incredibly pleased. The controls were spot on and the Pip boy interface was everything it needed to be. The only issue was I switched to a third person view. Movement was poorly animated and it looked like my character was ice skating across the wastes. This is a minor issue though, as the game is clearly meant to be played from the first person perspective.

Bethesda made the right move by turning this series into a FPS. While Interplay's first two entries were iconic, I always had a hard time immersing myself with the pulled back camera. With this new perspective, it's easier to believe that you are the wanderer. The wastes of the DC area feel appropriately barren and deserted. From the rocky hillsides to the bombed out metropolitan center of DC, the world feels spectacularly dystopian. Thrown in are a few whimsical nods to an ideal 50s US that complete an overall superb new take on this post apocalyptic RPG.

When playing a RPG, I get my kicks from the character interaction. Charisma/ persuasion are usually my strongest stats. I love seeing alternate solutions that don't force me to pull out my gun. Fallout 3 does this to a level seldom seen in games. Nearly every quest has multiple solutions. Most are filled with an empty good/evil scenario that has no real bearing overall. In Fallout, my decisions carried a lot more weight. This is dialogue/quest writing at its finest. Further, there is a nearly overwhelming abundance of quests to be done in addition to the main story. I easily spent 15 hours just traversing the wastes taking care of side quests for NPCs before picking up the main story outside of the vault. My only gripe, and it's a large one, is the ending of the game. I had the option to do things differently, but it was written that I only had the one choice initially. DLC changed the ending, but there should have been more options, including the obvious one that had me furious because I couldn't pick it. In short, don't let my super mutant buddy do something once and not again 45 minutes later.

It was during these travels that I hit the level cap with ease. It's set at 20, with DLC raising it to 30. There is such an abundance of things to do, that I hadn't even touched some quest lines before I hit the cap. Part of what made this possible was the strong combat system. The VATS system is carried over from the first two entries and plays quite the same. It is just as vital in taking down enemies quicker and saving you much needed ammo. Shockingly enough, the animation that plays with each shot never gets old. How they accomplished that, I will never know. There is a pitfall to combat though. It wreaks havoc on your equipment. Your weapons and armor are absolutely essential to your survival and each encounter deteriorates them. To keep them from breaking completely, you must scavenge what you can to make repairs. This is a giant pain as you're forced to carry loads of extra gear to make repairs on the items you do use.

What breathes life into the wasteland is the cast of characters you meet along the way. From your character's father to your super mutant friends, each character has personality. There is much to explore in the interactions made throughout the game. The drawback is that nearly all of the character models are hideous. The women have mustaches and everyone shares a vacant gaze. One character rises above them all though, Three Dog. Bethesda took a page from Square Enix's guide on how to make annoying characters (see Lucrecia, Genesis). What makes him especially unbearable is that he runs the radio station heard for most of the game. Unless you want to travel the wastes with the sound of the wind as your soundtrack, you're stuck with Three Dog. He loops the same stories based on how far you've progressed in the game. His voice is simply unbearable. I really wish I had the option to kill him with no ill effects to my character.

From the moment you're born, Fallout 3 is a well played game. The story is slightly predictable, but engaging. There's plenty to do and plenty of ways to do it. Now you even have the option to buy the game with all DLC included for half of what others have.

Manly Men?

I can't find a PS3

PS3 out of stock
This would explain why I haven't been able to find a PS3 anywhere within an hour travel time.  It's not that there's an exclusive game I'm dying to play.  I just want to tinker with the system.  The tech is quite interesting and I need to complete my collection of this generation's consoles.  I guess until supply meets demand I'll just have to wait.

I ended up going back

HIM in Rock Band

The HIM track pack dropped today for Rock Band.  The song list includes: Heartkiller, Ode to Solitude, and Wings of a Butterfly.  While I said I wouldn't buy the pack, something occured to me.  I never expected to see my favorite band in Rock Band.  So while these may not be songs I care for, I have to show support.  If the numbers turn out well enough, they may add some of my favorites next time around.  So if anyone with enough authority to make a decision is reading, here are some songs I would love to see added:

Lose You Tonight
When Love and Death Embrace
In Love and Lonely
Beautiful (rock version)
Buried Alive by Love
Beyond Redemption
The Sacrament
I Love You ( Prelude to Tragedy)
Sigillum Diaboli
Venus Doom
Love in Cold Blood
Dead Lover's Lane
Bleed Well

Domain name change

I changed the domain name back to http://www.zeroand09.com/ All the links should lead back to the same place, so no need to worry on your part.

Red Robin's Royal

Restaurant: Red Robin
Location: Greenfield, WI
Burger: Royal Red Robin

Ingredients: Fried egg, three strips of hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo

Verdict: The Royal is a god send to man. It is the pinnacle in burger consumption. Every bite is a taste of ecstasy. Every ingredient stands out in flavor and compliments the one layered lovingly on top of it. It is not greasy, nor is it a bland slab of meat. The Royal is everything a burger should strive to be. What stands out is that Red Robin is a chain. You can sample this burger anywhere in your travels. A chain should not have a burger this delicious, yet time after time, I have not been disappointed with the Royal. Until my first visit, I had not tasted a burger so incredibly delectable. I now doubt that I will find its rival, for there can be none.

On the side:  Endless steak fries.

5 out of 5 stars


It finally ends

Popeye's "Ultimate"

Restaurant: Popeye’s
Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Burger: The “Ultimate” Cheeseburger
Ingredients: Two 6oz patties, country smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions and mushrooms on a grilled bun

When I saw the ingredients, I had to concur. This had the makings of an ultimate burger. The list was enough to make any burger lover salivate at the thought of biting into its delicious portions. Reality is a harsh mistress though. When the burger was set in front of me, I thought it had to be some kind of alien embryo. The entire burger was coated in a wet film of grease. I thought to myself, “Christ, not again.” Part of what makes a burger for me is the variety of greens on top, from lettuce to tomatoes and what not. Contrary to what was listed in the menu, the only “greens” to be had were grilled onions and mushrooms. My partner had ordered the chicken fajita and was kind enough to let me use her diced lettuce and tomatoes. After rebuilding, I lifted the behemoth. Much like the “Grabber”, Popeye’s “Ultimate” oozed grease onto my plate, making me feel ill at what was to come. In addition, the grease had turned the lower bun into a gray mush that had to be scrapped away before I would take a bite. I took my first bite and could taste nothing beyond the Swiss and grease. The bacon was fatty and soft. The mushrooms and onions brought none of their usual aroma or taste as they were buried between the patties. Two more bites and still the burger had no flavor. What should have been a beautiful mixture of tastes ended up being wet and bland slab of meat. I don’t understand why Lake Geneva insists on drowning their burgers in grease and then serving them without so much as a 10 second draining period. Three bites in and I put it down. I wasn’t going to make myself sick again.

On the side: Seasoned fries that I didn’t even bother with as the grease had drowned them when I picked up the burger. At least Popeye’s was considerate enough to take the meal off the bill.

0 out of 5 stars

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

Lost in Nightmares is the playable version of Chris' flashback in which he think Jill dies.  Spoliers?  Sorry, the game has been out for ages.  Also, this is the RE5 we should have had instead of the trek through the African waste.

The game takes place at Lord Spencer's estate somwhere in Europe.  From the moment you walk into the grand hall to the final confrontation in the end, the DLC drips with nostalgia.  It seems like Capcom finally listened to fans and gave us a taste of what could be.  It's classic Chris and Jill action.  Jill once again takes up the title of the "Master of Unlocking" and nearly becomes a Jill sandwich.  It's all pure gold from the QTE of Moonlight Sonata to wondering why Spencer is obsessed with cranks. 

The lighting is amazing with poorly lit halls and flashes of lightning bathing everything in an eerie glow.  The sounds of dogs howling in the distance lend thoughts of broken glass and soiled pants.  Hell, there's even a way to unlock the classic RE camera.  You'll spend roughly an hour making your way through and your items from the main game don't carry over.  There's no cause for concern as you become well equipped for the trials ahead.

I loved this bit of DLC.  My only complaint is the lack of enemy types.  Sure there's a new monster, but it's the only one you fight in this outing.  Also, this is just an observation and not a complaint, but why was there a cover system introduced?  Nothing is shooting back at you, so why the akward option to press against a wall?

Overall, if you are a die hard fan of RE, this is the DLC for you.  The best part?  It only costs $5.  That's a steal for this wonderful trip down memory lane.

End of the terrible saga

It's a trap!

Boss Fight

Epic Loot pt 2

HIM in Rockband!

HIM is finally adding songs to Rockband.  A shame they aren't any good ones.  It saddens me that my all time favorite band has released two albums filled with songs that I can't stand in the least (Dark Light and Screamworks).  It is crushing that I have to preview their albums now before I buy them.  Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who rocks two HIM themed tattoos.  Anyway, here's hoping that they add more songs from their earlier albums.

Aliens vs Predator

For those looking to buy Aliens vs Predator, don't bother if you want to play with someone in the same house.  That's right, the game doesn't support local co-op, even for online matches!  After spending a few hours this morning hunting down a copy and dealing with completely worthless store help, this was the cherry on my shit sundae. 

It started off with my local Walmart.  There was a spot marked on the shelves for the game.  I asked if they hadn't stocked it yet.  I was told they hadn't even received a shipment as "games that won't be popular" are never put on shelves on release day?  Who the fuck determines if a game is going to be popular?  Why the fuck bother with a release date then?  Why put up a fucking spot on the shelf if you don't have the fucking game!?

Cue a half hour drive to the closest Best Buy.  It wasn't on shelves and I had checked to make sure they had the game in stock before I left.  I asked a clerk if they hadn't displayed it yet.  I was told it wasn't going to be released until tomorrow.  I said the release date had been set for months.  He sighed and checked the computer.  Sure enough, I was right.  He walked to the back and brought me up a copy.

So now I have the game and am testing it for multiplayer.  There is none to be had locally.  Not even a four player death match?  What is the point in buying a game that advertises online play so much when only one person can play at a time on one console?  I'm furious with such a piss poor design choice.

Edit:  I just called Sega's corporate office for an explanation.  I'll keep you updated if I get a response.

Lifetime Acheivement Score

When taking stock of 2009, another question popped into my head.  What is my lifetime rating on games?  Do I buy more than I beat?  Do I need to pace myself?  I just finished my list of games and tallied up the numbers.  Now these are games that I claim ownership of.  There are more floating around the house, but I won't claim them as my own.  The three Barbie games on my shelf really aren't mine, I swear.  This also doesn't include games I have sold in the past or rentals.  I didn't want to fluff the numbers with my poor memory.  It is solely what I own now and how many of them I have beaten.

Total number of games owned:

Total number of games beaten:

All told, I've completed 72% of the games I own.  That's not bad at all.  At least, I don't think so.  One thing I did notice, that as I grew older, I acquired more games.  This increased dramatically when I started working.  It makes sense, but it was interesting to see the numbers laid out before me.

What about you?  How many games are in your collection?  How many of them have you beaten?

The Brotherhood


Have a question?  There's an answer.

Q:  What does ZeroAnd09 mean?
A:  It started in my first year of college.  I was new to the internet then.  So when time came to pick a screen name, all of my favorites were taken.  So I started to look around my room.  Pinned to my bulletin board was a check from my first job for nine cents.  It was some accounting error on their part and they felt the need to mail me a check six months after I left.  Ever since then, Zero and 09/100 has just kind of stuck.

Q:  You've posted that you've maintained a site since 2004.  Yet the posts on this site only date back to 2008 and there's not a whole lot of content.  What's the deal?
A:  I started the original site as a portfolio, so it didn't see updates for months.  When the format changed, updates were still few and far between.  You could say I hadn't found my passion yet.  It started to pick up steam with the comics, but I wasn't enjoying them so much.  So when I took up residence here full time, I went through my meager portions and deleted what I didn't think fit all that well.  There's still some content way in the back that is nothing but gibberish, but 70% of my old site's content will never see the light of day again.

Q:  I saw a spelling/grammatical error!
A:  The chief of the grammar police revoked my badge years ago because I like to play it fast and loose with the English language.

Q:  How long have you been gaming?
A:  Ever since I can remember.  My first memory of playing a game is Excite Bike for the NES.  Since then, I've owned at least one console per generation.  I wasn't really passionate about it until 1999.  When Final Fantasy VIII hit, my world changed forever.

Q:  Have you written anything else that I would know of?
A:  Why yes!  I published my first book, A Darker Romance, in 2011.  I'm also the lead Reviews Editor at Gaming Climax.

We have an accord.

Fable 3

Fable 3 was just revealed at X10.  The video is a sampler, a developer diary.  What it contains is disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Fable series.  I've completed the first two numerous times and greatly enjoyed them each time.  What I'm talking about is the "innovation" that each Fable has promised.  Fans and those who generally pay attention to gaming press know about Molyneaux's lofty promises with no real pay off.

I came around to the first Fable fairly late in the game.  I picked up the lost chapters for PC.  While it was fun, I couldn't help but feel for those that purchased it for Xbox.  They were shorted a good portion of the story.  They had no ending that would have left me satisfied.  I know that DLC is all the rage right now, but back then?  I would have been furious.

Being acquainted with the first, I eagerly watched and anticipated the second.  I heard Molyneaux talking about a tree.  When it came time to playing, I never noticed the tree.  I completely passed by it without realizing it.  Such a innovative and epic moment to him, but how many of us really felt that way when playing?  I remember him saying that we would have a moment in the game where we could save a camp being attacked by raiders.  Later in the game, it would become a marvelous city.  If we raided it, it would become a barren waste.  I remember a raid, but not any consequences for it. 

When the third entry was announced, it was said it would be playable with Natal.  I hate the silly idea of motion controls.  They aren't responsive, they kill the immersion of gaming, and just aren't fun.  Seeing this video and the traditional controllers relieved some of my fear.  What I'm still worried about is Fable turning into a RTS.  Judging from the video, the gameplay seems to be unchanged, but I can see Molyneaux pushing for this.  I don't want to see Fable go the way of Brutal Legend.  I hate that I even made that comparison.

As for the innovation?  Wings that don't do anything game play wise?  Holding hands with your npc spouse?  What is innovative about that?  It's just fluff.  Flash with no impact on the game.  I want to see real innovation.  A combo system that uses your dog and your own attacks, be they sword, gun, or magical.  A system where you can create the town you live in, adding shops and designing it to your personal tastes?  Instead we get a "custom" weapon system.  Let me tell you how this will pan out.  You won't get to choose what hilt goes with what blade.  Every weapon will have a good and evil variation.  Depending on how you play, you get one or the other.  A unique weapon for each player?  I'm not buying it Peter.

I'll most likely end up buying this one and enjoying it all the same.  I just wish we could see some real innovation.  I've had it with Molyneaux's fluff.  It adds absolutely nothing to the game.

Adventures in Wal-Mart

I hate stupidity.  Absolutely loathe it.  I took my car to the local Wal-Mart for an oil change.  Been doing it ever since I lost access to a garage, never had a problem.  Yet today, I encountered a tidal wave of stupidity.  I walked in expecting prompt service as there's usually three people doing nothing at the counter.  Instead, the only customer rep shoves right past me without saying a word.  I walked up to the empty counter and proceeded to wait for someone to help me.  A few minutes later, the fellow who blew past me walks up to the counter and without looking at me picks up the phone.

"Sarah.  Sarah, pick up.  Your boyfriend is on the other line."

He presses a button and switches to another line on the phone.

"Yeah, I can't get a hold of her.  Blah blah blah"

Finished on the phone, I am finally acknowledged.

"What do you want?"

I proceeded to tell him I just needed an oil change.  He took my keys and walked out to my car.  It was during this time that I walked over to wall of certificates.  I found my man, Scott.  He was only qualified for the counter.  Looking at everyone else in the department, they weren't qualified for much more.

After an absurd amount of time, Scott walks back inside. 

"Next time you come here, park closer."

I had parked in the designated stalls.  They were 40' away from the building.  I then went through the Q&A of what I needed.  He scanned my ticket, handed it to me and said my car would be up soon.  No time estimate, nothing.  Just that it would be up soon. 

I took a stroll to electronics and debated purchasing a PS3.  I decided against it as they only had the 250gb model.  I only need the 120gb.  Seeing nothing else of interest, I walked back to the automotive section and sat in the waiting room.  A few minutes later, a "mechanic" pops his head in the room.  He asked if I was the owner of the car in the shop.  I said yes.  He replied that they couldn't get the hood open and therefore couldn't help me.  I laughed, telling him it was a two man job.  The hood is unusually stubborn on my car.  He said they tried and would park it outside if I wanted to try.  I sighed and walked out.  I had already told them it took two people, I wasn't going to get it by myself.  He handed my keys to me and I left.  It was absurd.  Kim and I have opened the hood many times without any serious problems. 

I'm still furious at the incompetency, but what can you do?  I'll just have to make an appointment with a real shop and have them change the oil.  From the poor treatment of a customer to the ineptitude to open the hood of a car, I'm not going back to Wal-Mart for anything.  I'll gladly drive further just so I won't have to put up with that again.

Wide World of Chocobos

Resident Evil 4: Director's Cut

Frost Giants make terrible pick pockets

When I left the site I had called home last year, I abandoned some content that was well received.  It's high time that I made amends.  Over the next month, I'll bring back the comics you loved oh so much.  Just don't expect any new ones...unless there's a giant demand and money involved.

Aliens vs Predator

The AvP demo dropped today. It consists of a one level death match. Players can choose to play as the Aliens (Xenomorphs for the faithful), Predators, or the generic Space Marines. The match holds up to eight players with only two of which being able to select the Predator. That's right, no more than two Preds per match. I don't see why, as each class is a blast to play, but thems the rules. Locked out of the demo are different skins to play as for each class. The game ends when a player either racks up 30 kills or the 10 minute timer expires.

The level itself is dark and very confusing. It appears to be a Marine base overrun with Alien growths. There are weapons, ammo, and health kits scattered around for the Marines and Predators. The Aliens are completely self sufficient. While playing, you can hear the growls, hisses, and gun fire of other players. It seems to be coming from everywhere at once; the acoustics of the level are quite interesting. Enough about that though, let's get to what you want, the classes.

The Marines - The Marines are your standard grunt. They carry a large machine gun with an under slung grenade launcher (grenades found separately). He has a light melee attack as well, but that only serves to push away something that's too close. Throughout the level are various other guns to use, such as a shotgun, flamethrower, and rifle. Tucked away is another weapon that appeared to take two of our previous weapons to make. It was a mini gun with a feature that gave targets an outline, making them easier to target. The Marine also comes equipped with radar that shows targets in a 180 degree line of sight. It also makes an incessant beeping whenever something is close by.

Aliens - Aliens are fast and stealthy. Speed is the name of the game when playing this class. In addition, the Aliens have the ability to run over any surface, with the right trigger transitioning the surface you are on. They have a quick light claw attack and a slow heavy attack with their tails. If you manage to sneak up on an enemy, you can press "X" to perform an instant kill. The only issue with this is that you are left vulnerable while your character goes through the animation. The leads to many instant kill conga lines with players lining up behind others stuck in animation. Aliens cannot pick up any other weapons and must hiss to regain health. I don't understand how it works, but it's fun to stalk another player on the ceiling and occasionally hiss at them. It usually ends up with them firing blindly into the darkness. If you are taken down, however, you blood is that delightful acid that pools up and injures anything too close. So you might get lucky with a kill from the grave.

The Predator - The Predator is a behemoth. He starts off with a pair of claws strapped to each arm. He uses the same light/heavy attack pattern as the Alien, but can also find weapons around the level. I managed to track down his staff and the frisbee of death. Also, like the Alien, he has an instant kill attack with the same issues. The Predator's greatest strength is his ability to stealth and the three types of vision. While in stealth, you can run around without fear of humans seeing you. However, the Aliens can see a faint red outline. The vision is a treat though as you can relive the movies with all the classic sound effects. You have your standard vision, thermal (for humans), and a monochromatic mode that renders Aliens in bright green. The Predator also has the ability to set up simple traps that go off when another player stumbles by them.

If the game plays as smoothly as the demo, then it should be fantastic. My only complaint was that the demo didn't support two players on the same Xbox. As of yet, I cannot find any information as to how many players the final version supports on a single console. The game comes out February 16, 2010 for NA.

Acheivment Unlocked: Broke Google's Top 10 list

According to a poll recently conducted here, two out of three people own a HDTV.  If this is accurate, then my percentage is 17% higher than a more successful survey.  Numbers are fantastic.

Speaking of numbers, if you search "rugged beard" on google, this site ranks #3 out of 2,850,000.  I may not be known for video games, but I'm known for my inability to grow a beard.  Still, it's quite a fantastic acheivment.

Something I put up in the forums

Edit:  For those who are curious about Aion, this is just my current list of complaints.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been playing since closed beta and while I greatly enjoy Aion, it could be so much better. I see countless threads pop up and die when they leave the first page. So I’ve finally taken the time to compile a list of what changes I feel need to be made.

1. NC Soft and the dev team need to communicate with the players

A. Release weekly patch notes on your site. I shouldn’t have to scour unofficial sites to find out what was changed in the game.

B. Give us regular news updates. Let me know what is going to happen. Cut this vague future garbage. Give us concrete details on a regular basis.

C. Let’s see some dev responses in the forums. A good portion of players have already left because they’re convinced you just don’t give a damn.

D. Add GMs to each sever to answer player help requests live. I shouldn’t have to alt tab out of game to play email tag with your “support” team.

2. Fix the site

A. Too many times, I’m not allowed to log in

B. 40% of page loads result in an error

C. Code the forums so that we don’t have to copy our posts before uploading them. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of your poor coding.

D. Twice I’ve gone to the home page and been logged in as someone else’s account. How fair is it that because of your errors I could have swiped two accounts? (I didn’t. I submitted a report.) Countless other times, the page has come up in German.

3. Instances

A. Map out the instances. After two runs, we know them by heart, so why the lack of a map?

B. Bosses need to drop kinah, one rare item, and one common item on each kill.

I. Usually I go to instances because I’m guaranteed a chance to get a shiny new toy to play with. In Aion, I am only promised xp. This would hurt gold sellers if people could acquire gear in game without having to grind a ridiculous sum of money to pay for someone to craft it.

4. World

A. Connect the flight paths to one another. It’s just a useless money sink to fly from one point to go to another.

B. Level 50 characters should be able to fly anywhere in game. They’ve put in the time and effort plus they’ve grown stronger “magically” so it would fit in with the lore.

C. Gathering. Each yellow node gathered needs to add one skill point.

5. Questing

A. Add more quests.

I. I hate grinding. I’m sure others do as well. So give us more quests to level with. Sure it may take longer, but it provides a more enjoyable experience for your customers and allows you a chance to build on the lore.

B. Increase the drop rate for quest items. I shouldn’t have to spend an hour hoping for the one item I need to drop.

6. Crafting

A. Each yellow player crafted items adds one skill point

B. Every two items created by crafting quests adds one skill point

C. Cut the failure rate by 50%

D. Increase the proc rate by 25%

E. Add an ability to remake an item into its proc version for more mats

7. Manastones

A. A failed socket shouldn’t destroy your previous stones. Even the people who are against this for whatever reason won’t argue when they can socket their stones with less fear.

8. Change the chat window opacity/color. Every now and then I just can’t read what is in that see through box.

9. Item appearance

A. Remove the type restriction. If I want my plate to look like leather, that’s my choice. Let us remodel our character’s armor to our likes.

B. Lower the level required to 20. 1-20 is a long enough stretch to run around in rags.

C. Add more dyes! Give us black, red, white, and the entire spectrum of colors. Quit nickel and diming with retailer specific versions that have these dyes.

10. Allow 16 characters per account. The altaholics will thank you.

11. Increase the healing effects of mana/herb treatments and bandages. As they are now, they’re just a wasted space on my skill bar.

12. Legions

A. Let us buy more inventory slots for our legion warehouses.

B. Let us add and customize our legion ranks with name changes, responsibilities customized to each rank, etc.

13. Add a need/greed system.

These are all fixes that would tremendously improve the current game client and sate player contempt for NC Soft. If you read my entire brick wall of text, thank you.