Aliens vs Predator

For those looking to buy Aliens vs Predator, don't bother if you want to play with someone in the same house.  That's right, the game doesn't support local co-op, even for online matches!  After spending a few hours this morning hunting down a copy and dealing with completely worthless store help, this was the cherry on my shit sundae. 

It started off with my local Walmart.  There was a spot marked on the shelves for the game.  I asked if they hadn't stocked it yet.  I was told they hadn't even received a shipment as "games that won't be popular" are never put on shelves on release day?  Who the fuck determines if a game is going to be popular?  Why the fuck bother with a release date then?  Why put up a fucking spot on the shelf if you don't have the fucking game!?

Cue a half hour drive to the closest Best Buy.  It wasn't on shelves and I had checked to make sure they had the game in stock before I left.  I asked a clerk if they hadn't displayed it yet.  I was told it wasn't going to be released until tomorrow.  I said the release date had been set for months.  He sighed and checked the computer.  Sure enough, I was right.  He walked to the back and brought me up a copy.

So now I have the game and am testing it for multiplayer.  There is none to be had locally.  Not even a four player death match?  What is the point in buying a game that advertises online play so much when only one person can play at a time on one console?  I'm furious with such a piss poor design choice.

Edit:  I just called Sega's corporate office for an explanation.  I'll keep you updated if I get a response.