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Q:  What does ZeroAnd09 mean?
A:  It started in my first year of college.  I was new to the internet then.  So when time came to pick a screen name, all of my favorites were taken.  So I started to look around my room.  Pinned to my bulletin board was a check from my first job for nine cents.  It was some accounting error on their part and they felt the need to mail me a check six months after I left.  Ever since then, Zero and 09/100 has just kind of stuck.

Q:  You've posted that you've maintained a site since 2004.  Yet the posts on this site only date back to 2008 and there's not a whole lot of content.  What's the deal?
A:  I started the original site as a portfolio, so it didn't see updates for months.  When the format changed, updates were still few and far between.  You could say I hadn't found my passion yet.  It started to pick up steam with the comics, but I wasn't enjoying them so much.  So when I took up residence here full time, I went through my meager portions and deleted what I didn't think fit all that well.  There's still some content way in the back that is nothing but gibberish, but 70% of my old site's content will never see the light of day again.

Q:  I saw a spelling/grammatical error!
A:  The chief of the grammar police revoked my badge years ago because I like to play it fast and loose with the English language.

Q:  How long have you been gaming?
A:  Ever since I can remember.  My first memory of playing a game is Excite Bike for the NES.  Since then, I've owned at least one console per generation.  I wasn't really passionate about it until 1999.  When Final Fantasy VIII hit, my world changed forever.

Q:  Have you written anything else that I would know of?
A:  Why yes!  I published my first book, A Darker Romance, in 2011.  I'm also the lead Reviews Editor at Gaming Climax.


Anonymous said…
what game review did you do to win a trip to korea?
ZeroAnd09 said…
It was for Webzen's Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9. You can visit their site here: