HIM in Rock Band

The HIM track pack dropped today for Rock Band.  The song list includes: Heartkiller, Ode to Solitude, and Wings of a Butterfly.  While I said I wouldn't buy the pack, something occured to me.  I never expected to see my favorite band in Rock Band.  So while these may not be songs I care for, I have to show support.  If the numbers turn out well enough, they may add some of my favorites next time around.  So if anyone with enough authority to make a decision is reading, here are some songs I would love to see added:

Lose You Tonight
When Love and Death Embrace
In Love and Lonely
Beautiful (rock version)
Buried Alive by Love
Beyond Redemption
The Sacrament
I Love You ( Prelude to Tragedy)
Sigillum Diaboli
Venus Doom
Love in Cold Blood
Dead Lover's Lane
Bleed Well


ZeroAnd09 said…
Heartkiller is starting to grow on me.