Adventures in Wal-Mart

I hate stupidity.  Absolutely loathe it.  I took my car to the local Wal-Mart for an oil change.  Been doing it ever since I lost access to a garage, never had a problem.  Yet today, I encountered a tidal wave of stupidity.  I walked in expecting prompt service as there's usually three people doing nothing at the counter.  Instead, the only customer rep shoves right past me without saying a word.  I walked up to the empty counter and proceeded to wait for someone to help me.  A few minutes later, the fellow who blew past me walks up to the counter and without looking at me picks up the phone.

"Sarah.  Sarah, pick up.  Your boyfriend is on the other line."

He presses a button and switches to another line on the phone.

"Yeah, I can't get a hold of her.  Blah blah blah"

Finished on the phone, I am finally acknowledged.

"What do you want?"

I proceeded to tell him I just needed an oil change.  He took my keys and walked out to my car.  It was during this time that I walked over to wall of certificates.  I found my man, Scott.  He was only qualified for the counter.  Looking at everyone else in the department, they weren't qualified for much more.

After an absurd amount of time, Scott walks back inside. 

"Next time you come here, park closer."

I had parked in the designated stalls.  They were 40' away from the building.  I then went through the Q&A of what I needed.  He scanned my ticket, handed it to me and said my car would be up soon.  No time estimate, nothing.  Just that it would be up soon. 

I took a stroll to electronics and debated purchasing a PS3.  I decided against it as they only had the 250gb model.  I only need the 120gb.  Seeing nothing else of interest, I walked back to the automotive section and sat in the waiting room.  A few minutes later, a "mechanic" pops his head in the room.  He asked if I was the owner of the car in the shop.  I said yes.  He replied that they couldn't get the hood open and therefore couldn't help me.  I laughed, telling him it was a two man job.  The hood is unusually stubborn on my car.  He said they tried and would park it outside if I wanted to try.  I sighed and walked out.  I had already told them it took two people, I wasn't going to get it by myself.  He handed my keys to me and I left.  It was absurd.  Kim and I have opened the hood many times without any serious problems. 

I'm still furious at the incompetency, but what can you do?  I'll just have to make an appointment with a real shop and have them change the oil.  From the poor treatment of a customer to the ineptitude to open the hood of a car, I'm not going back to Wal-Mart for anything.  I'll gladly drive further just so I won't have to put up with that again.