Lifetime Acheivement Score

When taking stock of 2009, another question popped into my head.  What is my lifetime rating on games?  Do I buy more than I beat?  Do I need to pace myself?  I just finished my list of games and tallied up the numbers.  Now these are games that I claim ownership of.  There are more floating around the house, but I won't claim them as my own.  The three Barbie games on my shelf really aren't mine, I swear.  This also doesn't include games I have sold in the past or rentals.  I didn't want to fluff the numbers with my poor memory.  It is solely what I own now and how many of them I have beaten.

Total number of games owned:

Total number of games beaten:

All told, I've completed 72% of the games I own.  That's not bad at all.  At least, I don't think so.  One thing I did notice, that as I grew older, I acquired more games.  This increased dramatically when I started working.  It makes sense, but it was interesting to see the numbers laid out before me.

What about you?  How many games are in your collection?  How many of them have you beaten?