Red Robin's Royal

Restaurant: Red Robin
Location: Greenfield, WI
Burger: Royal Red Robin

Ingredients: Fried egg, three strips of hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo

Verdict: The Royal is a god send to man. It is the pinnacle in burger consumption. Every bite is a taste of ecstasy. Every ingredient stands out in flavor and compliments the one layered lovingly on top of it. It is not greasy, nor is it a bland slab of meat. The Royal is everything a burger should strive to be. What stands out is that Red Robin is a chain. You can sample this burger anywhere in your travels. A chain should not have a burger this delicious, yet time after time, I have not been disappointed with the Royal. Until my first visit, I had not tasted a burger so incredibly delectable. I now doubt that I will find its rival, for there can be none.

On the side:  Endless steak fries.

5 out of 5 stars



Anonymous said…
This burger looks yummy! I've never heard of Red Robin. Might have to look it up, but doubt there are any on our rock in the middle of the ocean. lol. Thanks for making me crave a burger, Christian. Thanks a lot.
ZeroAnd09 said…
Yeah, I'm sorry. It doesn't look like there are any out in the middle of the Pacific. At least Bob runs a mean grill.
Ryan said…
just had one because of you and I downed it so fast. It was like a quick orgasm.