Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

Lost in Nightmares is the playable version of Chris' flashback in which he think Jill dies.  Spoliers?  Sorry, the game has been out for ages.  Also, this is the RE5 we should have had instead of the trek through the African waste.

The game takes place at Lord Spencer's estate somwhere in Europe.  From the moment you walk into the grand hall to the final confrontation in the end, the DLC drips with nostalgia.  It seems like Capcom finally listened to fans and gave us a taste of what could be.  It's classic Chris and Jill action.  Jill once again takes up the title of the "Master of Unlocking" and nearly becomes a Jill sandwich.  It's all pure gold from the QTE of Moonlight Sonata to wondering why Spencer is obsessed with cranks. 

The lighting is amazing with poorly lit halls and flashes of lightning bathing everything in an eerie glow.  The sounds of dogs howling in the distance lend thoughts of broken glass and soiled pants.  Hell, there's even a way to unlock the classic RE camera.  You'll spend roughly an hour making your way through and your items from the main game don't carry over.  There's no cause for concern as you become well equipped for the trials ahead.

I loved this bit of DLC.  My only complaint is the lack of enemy types.  Sure there's a new monster, but it's the only one you fight in this outing.  Also, this is just an observation and not a complaint, but why was there a cover system introduced?  Nothing is shooting back at you, so why the akward option to press against a wall?

Overall, if you are a die hard fan of RE, this is the DLC for you.  The best part?  It only costs $5.  That's a steal for this wonderful trip down memory lane.