Something I put up in the forums

Edit:  For those who are curious about Aion, this is just my current list of complaints.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been playing since closed beta and while I greatly enjoy Aion, it could be so much better. I see countless threads pop up and die when they leave the first page. So I’ve finally taken the time to compile a list of what changes I feel need to be made.

1. NC Soft and the dev team need to communicate with the players

A. Release weekly patch notes on your site. I shouldn’t have to scour unofficial sites to find out what was changed in the game.

B. Give us regular news updates. Let me know what is going to happen. Cut this vague future garbage. Give us concrete details on a regular basis.

C. Let’s see some dev responses in the forums. A good portion of players have already left because they’re convinced you just don’t give a damn.

D. Add GMs to each sever to answer player help requests live. I shouldn’t have to alt tab out of game to play email tag with your “support” team.

2. Fix the site

A. Too many times, I’m not allowed to log in

B. 40% of page loads result in an error

C. Code the forums so that we don’t have to copy our posts before uploading them. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of your poor coding.

D. Twice I’ve gone to the home page and been logged in as someone else’s account. How fair is it that because of your errors I could have swiped two accounts? (I didn’t. I submitted a report.) Countless other times, the page has come up in German.

3. Instances

A. Map out the instances. After two runs, we know them by heart, so why the lack of a map?

B. Bosses need to drop kinah, one rare item, and one common item on each kill.

I. Usually I go to instances because I’m guaranteed a chance to get a shiny new toy to play with. In Aion, I am only promised xp. This would hurt gold sellers if people could acquire gear in game without having to grind a ridiculous sum of money to pay for someone to craft it.

4. World

A. Connect the flight paths to one another. It’s just a useless money sink to fly from one point to go to another.

B. Level 50 characters should be able to fly anywhere in game. They’ve put in the time and effort plus they’ve grown stronger “magically” so it would fit in with the lore.

C. Gathering. Each yellow node gathered needs to add one skill point.

5. Questing

A. Add more quests.

I. I hate grinding. I’m sure others do as well. So give us more quests to level with. Sure it may take longer, but it provides a more enjoyable experience for your customers and allows you a chance to build on the lore.

B. Increase the drop rate for quest items. I shouldn’t have to spend an hour hoping for the one item I need to drop.

6. Crafting

A. Each yellow player crafted items adds one skill point

B. Every two items created by crafting quests adds one skill point

C. Cut the failure rate by 50%

D. Increase the proc rate by 25%

E. Add an ability to remake an item into its proc version for more mats

7. Manastones

A. A failed socket shouldn’t destroy your previous stones. Even the people who are against this for whatever reason won’t argue when they can socket their stones with less fear.

8. Change the chat window opacity/color. Every now and then I just can’t read what is in that see through box.

9. Item appearance

A. Remove the type restriction. If I want my plate to look like leather, that’s my choice. Let us remodel our character’s armor to our likes.

B. Lower the level required to 20. 1-20 is a long enough stretch to run around in rags.

C. Add more dyes! Give us black, red, white, and the entire spectrum of colors. Quit nickel and diming with retailer specific versions that have these dyes.

10. Allow 16 characters per account. The altaholics will thank you.

11. Increase the healing effects of mana/herb treatments and bandages. As they are now, they’re just a wasted space on my skill bar.

12. Legions

A. Let us buy more inventory slots for our legion warehouses.

B. Let us add and customize our legion ranks with name changes, responsibilities customized to each rank, etc.

13. Add a need/greed system.

These are all fixes that would tremendously improve the current game client and sate player contempt for NC Soft. If you read my entire brick wall of text, thank you.