Fable 3

Fable 3 was just revealed at X10.  The video is a sampler, a developer diary.  What it contains is disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Fable series.  I've completed the first two numerous times and greatly enjoyed them each time.  What I'm talking about is the "innovation" that each Fable has promised.  Fans and those who generally pay attention to gaming press know about Molyneaux's lofty promises with no real pay off.

I came around to the first Fable fairly late in the game.  I picked up the lost chapters for PC.  While it was fun, I couldn't help but feel for those that purchased it for Xbox.  They were shorted a good portion of the story.  They had no ending that would have left me satisfied.  I know that DLC is all the rage right now, but back then?  I would have been furious.

Being acquainted with the first, I eagerly watched and anticipated the second.  I heard Molyneaux talking about a tree.  When it came time to playing, I never noticed the tree.  I completely passed by it without realizing it.  Such a innovative and epic moment to him, but how many of us really felt that way when playing?  I remember him saying that we would have a moment in the game where we could save a camp being attacked by raiders.  Later in the game, it would become a marvelous city.  If we raided it, it would become a barren waste.  I remember a raid, but not any consequences for it. 

When the third entry was announced, it was said it would be playable with Natal.  I hate the silly idea of motion controls.  They aren't responsive, they kill the immersion of gaming, and just aren't fun.  Seeing this video and the traditional controllers relieved some of my fear.  What I'm still worried about is Fable turning into a RTS.  Judging from the video, the gameplay seems to be unchanged, but I can see Molyneaux pushing for this.  I don't want to see Fable go the way of Brutal Legend.  I hate that I even made that comparison.

As for the innovation?  Wings that don't do anything game play wise?  Holding hands with your npc spouse?  What is innovative about that?  It's just fluff.  Flash with no impact on the game.  I want to see real innovation.  A combo system that uses your dog and your own attacks, be they sword, gun, or magical.  A system where you can create the town you live in, adding shops and designing it to your personal tastes?  Instead we get a "custom" weapon system.  Let me tell you how this will pan out.  You won't get to choose what hilt goes with what blade.  Every weapon will have a good and evil variation.  Depending on how you play, you get one or the other.  A unique weapon for each player?  I'm not buying it Peter.

I'll most likely end up buying this one and enjoying it all the same.  I just wish we could see some real innovation.  I've had it with Molyneaux's fluff.  It adds absolutely nothing to the game.