Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

The second DLC for Borderlands pits players in a coliseum against hordes of enemies with little chance of survival.  The premise is simple enough, survive.  There are five waves to each round and five rounds in the lower levels.  The upper levels boast 20 rounds each.  Clear your schedule for the day if you plan on taking them on.

Waves follow a pattern:
1.  Starter wave
2.  Gun wave
3.  Horde wave (they're coming to eat ya!  om nom nom)
4.  Badass wave
5.  Boss wave

Upon completing the boss wave, you have 10 seconds to grab the weapons spawned under Moxxi's platform.  To date, I have yet to find anything useful.  As you progress through the rounds, random rules are put in place such as lower gravity, enemies have more health, and players losing their shields.  The more rounds that are completed, the more rules are added.

Beyond Underdome, there is a hub where you can browse the vending machines and a newly added bank.  At first, I didn't see a need for the bank, but when I gained access, it quickly filled up.  It's a wonderful way to hold onto items for your other characters or loved ones.  The only other draw to Moxxi are the skill points gained for completing the lower tournaments.  You get one for finishing them on playthroughs one and two respectively.

Beyond the bank and skill points, Moxxi is kind of a waste.  You don't get any kind of experience in the Underdome and you can't level your weapon proficiencies.  It's fun if you have a group of friends and want to blow away endless amounts of enemies, but you can do that in the main game as well and get better rewards and xp for it.  Moxxi is a wonderful character and a welcome addition, but this DLC left me wanting more.