Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Knoxx is the third piece of delicious DLC for Borderlands.  It picks up after the main game's lackluster ending.  The Crismon Lance has arrived on Pandora in full force.  You've been branded as fugitives and must help a rogue agent take down the army before they destroy Pandora.

Like the Dr. Ned expansion, an entirely new area has been added as well as 44 brand new quests.  The level cap has been raised to 61 along with new gear to compliment your higher levels.  A raid boss has also been added in the form of Crawmerax.  He's a level 64 pain in the ass that drops enough goodies to satisfy even the most loot hungry players.

The story takes everything I loved about Borderlands and fleshes it out that much more.  There is so much to do and interact with that you'll never get bored.  All of my favorite NPCs make a return and bring their unique charm with them.

The only downside is that there are no fast travel stations outside of the main city, T Bone Junction.  This expansion is enormous and the lack of fast travel makes it somewhat of a chore to move around.  Beyond that, I can find no flaws in this expansion. 

For the low and reasonable price of $10, it can be yours too.  If you love the main game and the expansions thus far, General Knoxx is a must.