Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Dr. Ned was the first piece of dlc released for Borderlands.  It involves the vault hunters traveling to the far off land of Jakob's Cove to survive a zombie apocalypse in order to stop a mad doctor.  The doctor in question is Dr. Ned (who is totally not Dr. Zed from the main game) and he seems to be the only person left alive.

From the moment you load into the island, there is a much needed breath of fresh air from the barren wastes of Pandora.  Everything is covered in a fantastic layer of gloom and the overall ambiance reeks of spooky greatness.  Giant trees loom over everything and the moon is the only source of light as you make your way through the zombie infestation.  There is an air of desolation which is appropriate as the only live npc you'll meet is Dr. Ned.   

There are 20 new missions to play through and a Clap Trap that can be rescued on each play through, granting the player six more slots in their back pack.  Enemies are brand new and span the range of zombies to were-skaggs and tankensteins.  The map is quite large, but not large enough to warrant quick travel.  The writing is top notch and each recording found left me in stitches.  My personal favorites were the new Clap Trap and the misadventures of the "Misery Machine".

Overall, it may be my favorite piece of dlc for this game just for the setting and terrific writing.  It is an absolute must for any fan of Borderlands.