Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape

Capcom released another piece of DLC last week, Desperate Escape.  It covers the story of Jill and Josh after Chris' confrontation with Wesker in the temple.  Josh finds an unconcious Jill Valentine and informs her that he has a chopper waiting to get them out of Dodge.  Before they can leave, Jill has to get a message off to Chris about Wesker. 

This is the new Resident Evil.  It is also Resident Evil at its absolute worst.  Capcom is treading a path that I'm going to stop following soon.  It was originally a survival horror series.  This fifth entry has done away with the horror all together and turned it into a full fledged action game.  Capcom already makes a a few action games, they do not need to turn Resident Evil into another one.  The entire DLC takes little over a half hour to complete and is a non stop gun fight.  It's a frantic run from start to finish with plenty of mini bosses to take out along the way.  It plays like a sloppy Gears of War.  I realized the tank controls no longer work and having enemies that shoot back is absurd in the Resident Evil lore.  Compared to Lost in Nightmares, this is an absolute joke.  If you don't care for the way that Capcom is handling the RE series, do yourself a favor and save the $5 this DLC costs.