Busy busy

Yesterday, I spent a few hours cutting back and shaping a ten foot tall monster of a bush.  I then repaired the hood latch on my car with some help from a friend.  After that was finished, I topped off all of my fluids and put in a new air filter.

Today, I spent a few hours replacing all the guts and plumbing to our toilet.  It would have been quicker if someone had decided to put in a rubber washer with the kit and I not raged at why the toilet was leaking.  I also took in Kim's car to get the oil and battery changed.  I then struggled with changing the oil in my own car.  Mind you, the process itself isn't hard.  But whoever made the decision to put the oil filter where it is in a 2000 Ford Taurus needs to be shot.

Tomorrow, I get to change out the faucet in our bathroom sink.

Why did everything decide to need replacements all of a sudden?