Dead Space 2 package

I received a package in the mail yesterday.  It contained an ink blot and a note from a Dr. Samara Yasmin.  Apparently, it's some kind of consolation prize for my entry in the Dead Space 2 contest.  I was bummed about not winning, but this made it all better.

The ink blot appears to have multiple images in it.  In the center is Isaac's helmet.  The fence looking object is the obelisk from the dig site.  The two figures at the top look to be necromorphs.  There is also faint Unitologist writing in the background.

The notes are taken by Dr. Samara Yasmin on patient 1544C, specifically session #18.  1544C is clearly leet speak for Isaac.  It looks as though Isaac survived the ending of the first game only to wind up in a mental institution.  The note is transcribed as follows:

Notes on Patient 1544C, Session #18

1544C condition shows scant improvement from previous assessment.


DELUSIONS: Subject vacillates between mourning the deceased, believing she is in need of assistance +/or has been assimilated + is one with the universe, calling for his head.

PARANOIA: Subject experiences frequent outbursts.  Has attacked staff + other patients.

PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS: Insomnia, Dyskinesia, Frantic sketching and etching of symbols identified as related to Unitology.

FOR REFERENCE: (see picture above for Unitology script)

Additional obsesseive compulsive behavior documented by staff includes the repetition of the following phrases:
  • Fractal heuristic replicating crystal
  • The nightmare is over but it will not end
  • Bismuth zirconate titanate
  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • Sympathetic alpha wave attenuation

Prospects for Recovery Still Unknown

All in all, a fantastic little promotion for Dead Space 2.  If anyone can crack the Unitology code, I'm sure there's something hidden in there.


Unknown said…
I too was in the contest, but did not win. I also received the same package. It looks cool, can't wait for the game to come out.