What Grinds my Gears: Modern Warfare 2

What happens to games when they become popular?  They become filled with scammers and douchebags.  When playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I receive multiple messages from scammers (both text and mumbled voice), promising instant levels through the use of the mysterious 10th prestige lobby.

What is the 10th prestige lobby?  A fabled place where those who have leveled up to 70 ten times over can host a game where they set the rules.  Rules like, a single kill will net you a level. 

The idea is that you pay 1200-1600 Microsoft Points ($15-$20) for a match and you'll snag some easy levels.  What boggles the mind is that you don't unlock new weapons or skills.  All you get is a title and emblem.  Something that can be earned with time and dedication.

That's assuming the seller is on the up and up.  More often than not, you'll pay the price and then never hear from the seller again. 

I can't say I feel bad for those that fall sucker for this.  Don't pay someone to complete the game for you.  The entire point is to enjoy the game and eventually earn these things on your own.  Unfortunately, I have to waste my time and feed these messages to my ignore list.