Borderlands: Claptrap's Revolution: A Micro Review

So, the saga that is Borderlands, comes to a close.  Unfortunately, it closes on a rather weak note.

Claptrap's revolution finally addresses the final scene in Broderlands, the activation of the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin.  Claptrap has since then gone beyond his programming and raised a robot revolution to free the enslaved "race" of claptraps.  It is your job to bring him down.  Funny thing is, you've been hired by the people that activated him to kill you, Hyperion.

Compared to other DLC offerings, Zombie Island and General Knoxx especially, Revolution is on the meager side.  Start to finish, I had it beaten in two hours.  Of course, I was doing this on my 61 siren against play through #2's level 50 enemies.  Long story short, there was little to no challenge.  My 41 hunter on the other hand, is having one hell of a time.  It would appear that it is a balancing issue. 

Revolution sticks to the comedic gold that makes Borderlands what it is, but like the length of the campaign itself, the portions are much smaller this time around.  The character interactions and reintroductions of Knoxx are toned down to another grind/fetch quest with Tannis, and bland quest giving from the head of Hyperion.

As far as any other additions like weapons or items, there's nothing that I recognized as being new.  The promised level cap increase to 69 has yet to strike, and it's a shame, because this would have been perfect timing.

As it stands, Revolution isn't so much another chapter for Borderlands, as it is a short and unsatisfying epilogue.  Is it worth the $10 admission ticket?  I'll leave that up to you.