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Release Calendar November 2010

November 1: PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure  (Wii) Intellivision Lives  (DS) Robox  (Wii) Hello Kitty Party  (DS) November 2: Atari's Greatest Hits: Volume 1  (DS) MAG: Escalation  (PS3) Goldeneye 007  (Wii, DS) Minute to Win it  (Wii) Hoard  (PS3) Auditorium  (360, PS3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2011  (PSP, PS2) Busy Scissors  (DS) Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011  (Wii) James Bond 007: Blood Stone  (360, PS3, DS) The Amazing Race  (Wii) Wheel of Fortune  (Wii) Ys: The Oath in Felghana  (PSP) EyePet  (PSP) MegaMind: Mega Team Unite  (Wii) MegaMind: Ultimate Showdown  (360, PS3) MegaMind: The Blue Defender  (DS, PSP) Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2  (360, PS3) Blood Drive  (360, PS3) Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage  (360, PS3) God of War: Ghost of Sparta  (PSP) November 4: King of Fighters: 2002  (360) Xbox Kinect  (360) Kinect Sports  (360) Joyride  (360) Kinectimals  (360) Kinect Adventures  (360) Your Shape: Fitness Evolved  (360) Dance

Mass Effect 2

My impressions of the first Mass Effect were mixed. On one hand, I really hated the Mako driving sections. On the other hand, the game kicked all kinds of ass when I was focused on the story. I was playing when the second had come out, so I was torn on whether or not I should continue Commander Shepard’s journey. Thanks to the phenomenal ending sequence in Mass Effect, I was sold and out buying Mass Effect 2 days after the last credit rolled. BioWare took what worked in the first game and made it better. Then they went the extra mile and took out everything that made the game unbearable and banished it to the lowest circle of Hell. Gone is the tedious leveling system and the absolutely terrible Mako exploration. In place, there is a sleek and focused leveling system. A planet scanner replaces planet exploration and makes gathering resources a little more exciting. Gone are the vast amounts of armor and weapons. This outing features upgradable weapons and armor that you can customize

Fable 3

I have been a slave to the Fable series. From those first few fateful steps into the world of Albion to the resurrection of my dog, I haven’t been able to get enough. Lionhead sank its claws into me with this series. I had been watching the third installment for a long time. Did Lionhead manage to sink their claws in further, or is this my chance at escape? Fable 3 doesn’t start like the previous entries. In fact, there’s not much that it does follow. Fable does away with many old practices and introduces many new features. Unfortunately, not all of them panned out the way they were intended. For example, Fable 3 does away with the traditional menu and brings out “The Sanctuary”. When you press start, you are transported to a room where your butler, voiced by John Cleese awaits. From here, you can choose where to go and manage your property from a map in the center of the room. Or you can use any of the other rooms to pick an outfit, choose weapons, change game settings, or manage y