Conversations with strangers

I got a new phone last month.  Ever since then, I've been swarmed with texts and calls from people looking for an "Emily".  At first I was polite, and told them this was no longer her number.  A month and a half later, I'm screwing with them because they just won't stop.  Here's a transcript of the latest:

Texter:  Hey Em??
Me:  She's getting dressed.  What's up?
T:  Who is this?
Me:  The guy who just took her to "pound town".  If you know what I mean. ;)
T:  I'm Young... So no... Lol
Me:  Well Young, I get at least 5 texts/calls a day from people thinking this is Em's number.  Best I can figure is that she has a new number and didn't tell you.
T:  Whooooo sry
Me:  Not your fault.  Have a happy new year.
T:  U to!  I was just with her this is weird!  Who t u
Me:  I'm a guy who got a new phone last month and has since been plagued by people calling Emily.
T:  I'm sry!  Emily is like my mom so idk y
     Have a good new yr
Me:  Again, not your fault.

I'm not a total ass.  Could I be?  Probably.


Ryan said…
Dude, Emily should've sent her friends a phone number update. You should be an ass.