Red Dead Horses

I've noticed something while playing the utterly fantastic Red Dead Redemption.  I kill horses.  A lot of horses.  Literally a horse every 10 minutes.  This poor bastard I ran off a cliff and into a tree.
I captured one of the legendary four horses of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, and ran it into the ground.  I kid you not, it just fell over dead while I was riding it.  I also tamed War, only to lose it to zombie cougars shortly thereafter. 

It's not that I go out of my way to kill the poor animals, I just have terrible luck with them.  God help that fabled unicorn when I finally tame it.

Over my years of gaming, I've built a level of trust with my virtual steers.  Epona bore me through many trials and tribulations.  Argo was my only companion and witness to the Colossi genocide.  Yet I can't build any kind of attachment for the horses of Red Dead simply because they don't live longer than a ride to another town.

So to the designers who crafted these magnificent animals and brought them to stunning life like animation, I am sorry.  I really don't mean to keep running your horses off cliffs.