Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC announced

Capcom has a toubling history when it comes to DLC. From the Street Fighter IV extra colors fiasco to the Resident Evil 5 versus mode, fans have been pissed at the way this giant handles their add ons.

Capcom has just announce the first costume pack for MvC3, which breaks down as:

Thor: Classic Jack Kirby costume
Iron Man: Iron Patriot
Captain America: Steve Rogers
Dante: Sparta (human form)
Chris Redfield: Resident Evil 1
Ryu: Street Fighter 1

Kotaku has the pictures up here.

Add to that, those that purchased the special edition for the bonus characters Jill and Shuma will not be able to use them until they become available for download March 15.

The first batch of DLC drops March 1 for $5 on PSN or 400 Microsoft Points on XBL.