My Time with Windows Phone

For my birthday last year, I was lucky enough to receive a new Windows Phone.  Specifically, the Samsung Focus.  It is my first smart phone, and from day one I have loved it.  Being new to something like this, I didn't realize what it was missing.  Many of my observations are that of a first timer.  That tells me that these problems shouldn't exist for a product that was released in a, at least, four year old market.

Copy and Paste:  It's not something that I'm beating the door down for, but it is a feature I would make use of.  Especially when using such apps as Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger.  I can't quickly copy a link or url and throw it up somewhere else.

Marketplace Search:  Searching for something in the Windows Phone marketplace is a nightmare.  You'll type in a search term, after specifying what part of the market you want to search (ie, Social, tools, music, etc.) and search returns EVERYTHING related to that term.  That leaves me to scroll through mountains of garbage in search of the one thing I was originally searching for.

Marketplace View:  Once you've found the app and are looking at the description, there is the option to view screenshots.  The screens are usually oriented as if you had the phone on its side.  When you turn the phone to look at the picture, it turns the image.  So, unless you want a taco neck, the only viable option at the moment is to turn the phone at a 45 degree angle.

Camera:  Much like the smart phone itself, this is the first "digital camera" I've owned.  Yes, I'm far behind the times.  It's a fantastic tool that I use on a regular basis, but each time I go to the camera, I have to set my preferences all over again.  Why can't we have the settings saved to a profile?  At least keep the anti-shake on.

Screenshot:  This is something I would love to have.  I see something cool or interesting while browsing with my phone and would love to take a screenshot.  Can I do this?  "No" says the man from Microsoft.

USB MP3 Player:  When I was first tinkering with my phone, I thought to myself "I can load my music on this!  I won't have to carry my Zune around anymore!"  "No" says the man from Microsoft.  You can't use the Windows Phone to play music via USB.  So I can't plug it into my car, or my Xbox 360, or another computer to enjoy my music.

Microsoft has promised an update for some time now, and according to the wise sage Paul Thurrott, it is due in early March, five months after the device's release.

I love my phone.  It has become an integral part of my life.  I'm constantly finding new features and way to use it.  But as a first time user of a smart phone, I have to ask, "Why weren't these obvious features in place already?"

Edit: Added the USB MP3 Player blurb.


Anonymous said…
They are in place already... the person who bought you the phone just bought the wrong brand.