App of the Week - Halo Waypoint

Halo Waypoint is something I didn't see much use for when I first got my Windows Phone.  None the less, I downloaded it.  Now at the time, I enjoyed Halo, but wasn't a fanatic.  Because of this, I didn't give it a fair shake.  What happened as a result was my missing a fantastic app.  One I use almost on a daily basis now.

Halo Waypoint is located under the Xbox Live tile.  Upon launcing it and looking at a very stylish background, the app syncs your Xbox Live account.  You're then greeted by a column with all the latest news relating to the world of Halo.  This includes videos that load within seconds of clicking play.  Swipe right and you're presented with your personal service record.  This includes your personal rating and every stat imaginable relating to your Halo career.  Plus there's a very snazzy photo of your SPARTAN from Reach.  Swipe right again and you're presented with a section called Intel.  This contains info on all past Halo titles including media and a wiki.  Swipe right, yet again and you'll see the section labeled Community.  Community provides quick links to blogs and news from 343 Industries, forums, podcasts, tweets, and community highlights.  Yet another great way to stay involved with the Halo community.

Below all of this are threes tabs.  On the left is a tab for looking at your friends list.  This functions as a way to interact with your Xbox Live friends within the app.  You can view their Halo records and what they're doing currently if logged onto Xbox Live.  The middle tab displays messages received over Xbox Live.  The tab on the right allows you to modify the settings in the Waypoint app.

Since picking up Reach again, this app has become a huge tool in tracking my progress without having to log onto the site or use my Xbox 360.  Plus it integrates many of the features found in the Xbox Live Extras app, essentially combining two apps in one.  This is a must have for any fan of Halo.