App of the Week: TWiT

For an IT professional, staying up to date is critical.  In this day and age, so much is being updated and new technologies are constantly being revealed.  To sit and read about every new thing that is happening would take hours.  That's where the fine folks at TWiT come in.

TWiT is a network of podcasts produced by IT's leading pros.  From home theaters to the latest processor reveal, they cover it all.  Best of all, it's done in a very entertaining fashion.

Upon opening the app, you're presented with a "Highlights" column.  At the top is a category labeled "Discover Shows" that will recommend shows to you based on what you've recently viewed.    Beneath that is a listing of the shows as they've been released.  Swipe left and there are your favorites.  Below that, your viewing/listening history.  Swipe left again and all of the shows are displayed on stunning individual tiles.  At the bottom of that is a button that allows live audio streaming.  Swipe left one more time and you have all the resources associated with TWiT.  This includes the official site, twitter feeds, bug reporting, and more.

When I got my Windows phone, this was an app I was eagerly awaiting.  Once it arrived, there hasn't been a day I haven't used it.  TWiT has become an integral part of my day.  Give it a try, it's free.  After a few podcasts, I guarantee you'll love it too.  Just make sure you're using it in conjunction with Wi-Fi, otherwise be prepared to burn through your data quickly streaming all of this great content.


Sapper Woody said…
Great tip, man. I am going to look this app up right now.