App of the Week: Wikipedia

Put mildly, I am addicted to Wikipedia.  Ever since I was young, I have loved random bits of useless trivia.  Finally, one day, years ago I discovered the nirvana that is Wikipedia.  Since acquiring my phone in November, I have spent plenty of time with the browser version of Wikipedia.  While this is fine and dandy, there had to be something better.  Indeed there was.

Wikipedia is a free app that is smart, simple, and effective.  Upon launching, a search bar appears.  Type something in and boom, there it is in convenient web browsing form.  Back on the home page, next to the search bar, is a favorites tab that displays your recent searches.  There's nothing more and nothing less.  It is the closest I've come to finding the perfect app.  

So if you love having access to the near endless trove of data that Wikipedia has to offer and you happen to have a Windows Phone, then you can do no better.